Call Me Jumbo Shrimp


by ICWare, 7/29/16     ____________________________________________


I’m walking, walking, things are going well. I put the pot in the oven. It’s going to taste good. I grabbed a mitt to pull it out and placed it on top of the stove while smelling that great aroma. A few seconds later getting sidetracked, I pulled a Lucille Ball by grabbing the handle with my bare hand to move that hot pot. Ouch! Triple ouch!!! I grabbed my wrist as my hand looked at me screaming in pain for me to do something. So, I too let out a loud yell and then calmly said God this has to be healed and I thank you for doing that ’cause it has to be just you and me. Focused on the one I KNOW who loves me, took care of my hand, sat on the couch praying in the spirit. After awhile I realized the pain was gone, looked down and my hand was as if nothing had happened.


I’m walking, walking, things are going well but doubt and mistrust because of human experience got in the way one day. As I walked and started to stumble falling into a frenzy pacing the floor AS IF moments away from performing before Simon Cowell… I called a good and true friend of which I have very few. After unloading my fears and seeking a response, great help I got because my thought was  of course JUMBO SHRIMP. It’s amazing to be strong and confident in one area, weak in another and knowing it’s okay. It’s called being human.

When finished dumping the shrimp on the table, I knew he understood when he said…I’m  down with JUMBALAYA.

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