Be Bold but Be Humble

BE BOLD but BE HUMBLE                                                           ICWare                                                                                               9/24/16

It’s okay to be bold. God gave us permission to be bold. We’re so use to being told by religion to kneel and humble ourselves before idols others deem holy. 

It’s not being  cocky thinking you can boldly go before the throne of Grace to ask Him for help. It’s the opposite of the negative daggers thrown at us all our lives. It’s like getting on a bicycle for the first time and finally finding that freedom as you ride confidently down the street.   

But boldness without a humble heart brings arrogance and causes errors and much stumbling. Don’t stumble.

To be humble alone causes a mealy groveling jellyfish who blows to and fro with every wind of doctrine and way of life. Boldness is required to maintain consistency in your beliefs, to stay at and steer your own helm. 

Both together will give the Balance required (have your head right) to make right decisions and fellowship with God.

God is good always. Be balanced. Be BOLD and HUMBLE before God Almighty and your fellow man.



PONDERING, 06/07/15

Early this morning I opened the blinds for the beautiful sun to reach my plant and my two avocados to ripen. I took Joey for a walk before it got hot knowing it will be a 100° today. 

Now as I sit drinking my coffee I notice my mother’s tea set so elegant and lovely just like her. Across the room in front of me is a small faux azalea plant I got at The Persnickety in Alpharetta, Georgia many years ago. Then, looking back at my one tiny mint herb plant, thoughts went back to all those beautifully displayed plants I use to have in past homes and how I no longer had the life, no longer had the lifestyle I once had…and I knew at that moment, I had pondered too long. So, I turned my eyes to the right looking into my dining room and on the wall was the huge painting given to me in 1975 by one of the dearest friends who never asked anything of me and who was always there for me. He painted it from a picture he took looking into red tulips…and the good pondering was back. This painting has been with me all these years because it softens my heart and reminds me what is important. 

Today, I will continue to ponder on things I have and be thankful knowing people are to be loved and things are to be used for good. 

Today, I am pondering on all of my old friends here, new ones too and anyone God puts on my heart. 

Ponder on that which is good.