Our Country Our Flag

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September 14, 2017 by IonaWare

fb_img_1478698028569.jpgOUR COUNTRY OUR FLAG
by ICWare

My emotions get stirred with every item on social media and news about our country both good and sad. Today I remembered as a young girl in late 50s or early 60s in a very small town on Lake Erie in Ohio I was walking down the street with my father coming from the hardware store on a Saturday morning…we ran into my history teacher walking towards us. As they talked all I could think of was I can’t believe my history teacher is talking to my father. I made fun of this guy in my mind every time I sat in his class. He looks exactly like Barney Fife, he walks like a dictator as he struts around teaching in front of us. It’s hilarious. As I listen, this guy invites my father to a meeting in his home. A COMMUNIST meeting in his home! I swear my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe my ears heard what they heard. Never in my life could I believe in America there would be communist meetings in my little tiny hometown!

Everything I see and hear with the problems in Washington didn’t start with one president and didn’t start with anything recent. It’s been entrenched for many years building with home Communist meetings like a Bible Fellowship.

So, when people get upset with how things are today, it’s been building a foundation for years. It will take decades to get our Constitution recognized or even thought about in DC again, if ever used again the way it was because…now their ideology is embedded entrenched in the House and Senate. Especially the House.

It’s well-known that once you give in on a principle you never get it back wholly. When people struggle for it they will get a semblance of what it was in some form or fashion in the future and that is it. So, right now all the American people can do in the secular world is what salesmen do and that is shoot high, take what you can get and don’t give up.


So, I know in my lifetime I won’t see the results I’d like. But, if the Lord tarries it will take generations of our families who stand on God’s Word, who believe in the power that’s in us who make that difference because the holy spirit inside us is the only RESTRAINER Of EVIL here until Christ Returns. We have a duty to pray with the power He has given us with the gift of holy spirit and strength.

My reading the Bible everyday, fellowshipping in today’s culture whether it be texting, messaging, emailing or talking on the phone or Skyping a fellowship keeps me together physically, mentally and spiritually. I love that and I love you.

We are responsible for our personal responsibilities first. After that, give what you have to offer in any form or fashion to help people. Show them your spiritual strength, your mental endurance and teach them where you found it, where you were before you had it and make known the living Christ and his power so they too and their children may be RESTRAINERS Of EVIL.

Lastly, don’t allow yourself to look at your flaws! GOD DOESN’T CARE or even remember them. Focus on the goodness that lives within you so you can allow the peace of God to reside inside…then God can work in you.

See you either Here, There or In The Air,

Iona Cheryl W Kranz


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