EMASCULATED (with a little humor)

by ICWare, 6/13/16

When In elementary school we had a Native American father in full dress along with his daughter visit, but not for the reason you may think.

They didn’t come to play music. They didn’t come to speak of their culture or of basket weaving. No, not at all.

He showed his skill with a bow & arrow, and with his knife throwing. His daughter stood a good distance from him placing an apple on her head. He raiseded the arrow aiming with stealth and confidence splitting the apple down the middle. His daughter never flinched.

Then, she stood in front of a board while he threw knives coming an inch or two from her head. I stood aghast. My mouth dropped open watching her stare straight ahead. Again, she never flinched at all. It was amazing to see her bravery.

Things have changed since 1958.

You’d never see that now. Recently a young man got suspended for turning in a report on anti gun control and was required to see a psychiatrist.

The pushers who emasculate young boys before they can become adults are deplorable. Not letting their wives do it later is a travesty. :mrgreen:

The Devil’s in the Details

by ICWare

Ephesians 4:27…“Neither give place to the devil.” 

Ephesians 4:27…“Leave no [such] room or foothold for the devil [give no opportunity for him].”


~ Secular sayings ~

Give him an inch, he’ll take a mile. (His love and passion is to wreak havoc and he froths at the mouth for every opportunity.)


Hate details? Learn to love them or find a friend who is good at digging through them until every stone has been turned…whether a marriage, work project, planning a fun vacation… so when in the middle of things you’re not blindsided and you have a solution for anything else that may arise quicker and easier.

Butt…oops I mean but, see I missed a detail by one letter. What a difference a letter makes.


LASTLY, actually first, the unprofitable words people speak to your ear or probably worse are the words you speak to yourself. Those stones are to be dealt with by throwing them away before damage is done to your soul.


There’s a terrific quote “I will not let your dirty boots run through my mind.” *Author unknown*

ICWare, aheretic.com